Welcome to the Wool Clip

The Wool Clip is an award-winning co-operative made up of local wool workers. We formed The Wool Clip in 2001 and today we have 14 members who run the thriving Wool Clip shop in Caldbeck. In May 2012 we extended the shop to incorporate a new sales area so please come and take a look around.

 Opening Times 2017 - 2018

Closed - Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Open, 2nd, 3rd, 4th January 11.00am - 4.00pm

Closed from 5th January until Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th February Open just for the weekend

Re open daily from Saturday 10th February 11.00am - 4.00pm

Woolfest 2018 Friday 22 June 10am - 6pm and Saturday 23 June 10am - 5pm

Here at The Wool Clip, we all have a thing about wool. Between us, we grow it, sew it, spin, weave and dye it, knit, crochet and felt it, hook with it, tuft with it and stuff with it. Our work focuses on colour and creativity, our aim is to share our enthusiasm for all things woollen..

Coming to you from The Wool Clip.

Latest News

 A Long Goodbye - Cecilia Hewett

Regular visitors to the Wool Clip may have already missed a familiar face over the last year or so. Our colleague, co-worker and friend, Cecilia Hewett, has been on sabbatical from the co-operative and has recently decided that she won't be returning to the fold. We will miss Cecilia's enthusiasm for all things woolly and her considerable contribution to Woolfest and wish her the best of luck with her next woolly adventures. As well as embarking on new things, Cecilia continues to spin beautiful, local and hand-dyed yarns from her home at Johnby.

Mary Bell has just retired from the Wool Clip after 15 years.

Mary was one of the founder members of our co-operative and with us right from the start of our ideas in 1999. As many of you will now Mary has reared Angora goats and Herdwick sheep on her farm at Crookabeck in Patterdale and sold a wide variety of lovely Herdwick and Mohair products. We will miss her knowledge and experience and ability to network with a wide range of groups and people. Mary developed her range of Helvellyn Herdwick rugs and throws as a joint enterprise with long term Wool Clip member Pam Hall and they will therefore continue to be available from the Wool Clip shop. She will also still trade from her shop on the farm at Crookabeck. We wish Mary well and thank her hugely for her contribution to the success of The Wool Clip and Woolfest. 

New Wool Clip member

Sue Reed of The Woolly Pedlar will be showcasing her latest designs of coats and jackets exclusively at the Wool Clip.


Sue is  a huge fan of recycling and making the most of what we have, she is passionate about reusing textiles, upcycling them into exciting new designs. Sue only uses wool in her work, finding it a wonderful medium to work with for it's range of colours and textures, and many excellent properties. 

Sue makes a range of clothing for all the family, which include coats, jackets, woolly wraps, ponchos and matching accessories. She makes a range of children's ponchos and baby blankets, as well as soft furnishings from small lap blankets and cushions to bedspreads. 






Woolfest, celebrate nature's finest fibres

Members of The Wool Clip organise Woolfest
Fri 23th & Sat 24th June 2017
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