Welcome to the Wool Clip

The Wool Clip is an award-winning co-operative made up of local wool workers. We formed The Wool Clip in 2001 and today we have 15 members who run the thriving Wool Clip shop in Caldbeck. In May 2012 we extended the shop to incorporate a new sales area so please come and take a look around.

The shop is open 7 days a week 11 am – 4 pm from mid-February to the end of December, weather permitting. During the summer (April to October) we are open until 5pm.

Here at The Wool Clip, we all have a thing about wool. Between us, we grow it, sew it, spin, weave and dye it, knit, crochet and felt it, hook with it, tuft with it and stuff with it. Our work focuses on colour and creativity, our aim is to share our enthusiasm for all things woolen..

Coming to you from The Wool Clip.

Latest News, Shows & Exhibitions

Founder Member Marion Woolcott Retires

For craftspeople, workers of the land, the self- employed and the creatively driven, retirement is a slippery concept. Having added a number of skills to her portfolio over the years - hand spinner, weaver, dyer, knitter, crocheter, designer, and tutor - marion has decided to try something new and she officially retired from The Wool Clip in April.

We would like to thank Marion for her significant contributionto The Wool Clip for her support and dedication and for her generosity in sharing these and many other skills.

We wish Marion all the best with her new challenges and most of all a long and happy retirement.

emmasTwo New Members  join the Woolclip

We are very pleased to welcome to Emma Redfern and Ema Allcock to the Woolclip. Emma works in tweed making a stunning collection of bags, purses and accessories. Ema is a crocheter

Workshops in Peoples Homes

21 - 26 May 2016
Wool Clip member Jean Wildish is collaborating with upholsterer Maud Mercier as part of the Workshops in People's Homes programme. Participants at Jean and Maud's workshops will join them for felt-making and story-telling and their contributions will help create an enormous nest. The completed nest will be on show at this year's Woolfest 24-25 June 2016. http://www.andfestival.org.uk/events/nest-maud-mercier-jean-wildish/

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Woolfest, celebrate nature's finest fibres

Members of The Wool Clip organise Woolfest
Fri 24th & Sat 25th June 2016
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