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Ann Iredale

Ann lives in Threlkeld near Keswick and joined the Wool Clip in 2019. When aged just 5, she was taught to knit by her grandmother. She then bought her first knitting machine in the late 1970's, ostensibly to speedily clothe her growing family of three. 

When her eldest daughter's Brownie cardigan was admired, she found herself with an order for the whole pack of 24, a new business was born. Eventually, garment demand meant Ann acquired outreach workers and sold knitwear at nearby agricultural shows. However, when knitwear popularity declined in the 1980's, Ann concentrated on nursing, and returned to Cumbria. 

It was whilst working as a district nurse in the Hebrides in 2009 that Ann became increasingly fascinated by Fairisle knitting and Shetland wool. She was awe-inspired by the extraordinary colours of the island landscape and changing weather, translating these effects into both her hand and machine knitting patterns. Today, her machine knitted Fairisle sweaters and hats are lovingly created using only pure Shetland Islands wool. 

Now retired from district nursing and keen to discover more about our woolly heritage, Ann loves nothing more than to escape on regular camping trips with her 2 border collies, returning both to the Hebrides and the Shetland Islands to catch up with friends. She has had a lifelong love of many arts and crafts; she is a member of Keswick Pencilheads drawing group and Eden Valley guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. She also delights in creating large patchwork quilts. 

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