Tuesday 22nd of March 2011

The Wool Clip was runner up in two categories of this year's Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership Awards, the Existing Social Enterprise and Best Co-operative categories.  Announced at a meeting Carlisle on Monday 21 March, Virginia Taylor of The Wool Clip collected our certificates and prizes.


We lost out to the Kirkgate Centre at Cockermouth in the Existing Social Enterprise category and were beaten by Carlisle Credit Union in the Best Co-operative Award so congratulations to them and to other winners such as the Cumbria Farmer Network, Alston Moor Film and South Lakes Society for the Blind.

"Coming so close to winning two categories is really encouraging," says Linda Chapman who put the entries together, "and we're delighted to have been part of the CSEP awards this year.  It's good to celebrate our status as a cooperative and to show people that a range of business models can be successful."

Further information can be found on the e-Business Cumbria website.

PS Virginia is on the far left of the winning line up.

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