Monday 21st of March 2016

The Wool Clip cooperative has two new members, Emma Redfern (left below) and Ema Allcock (right below), both based in the Eden district of Cumbria and both with fresh new woollen designs on sale in the group’s Caldbeck shop in time for Easter.


“Both Ema and Emma bring strong skills and a modern twist on traditional crafts to our group,” says cooperative Chairperson, Ruth Strong.  “They also share the celebration of all things woollen that is at the heart of The Wool Clip and are already getting involved in planning for this year’s Woolfest.”

Ema Allcock (37, Plumpton) is a huge crochet enthusiast and already trades as The Crochet Shop online.  She has also built up a reputation for her crochet courses and workshops.

“I learnt to crochet at my grandparents’ house in Little Salkeld where my great grandmother taught me,” she says.  “I combine crochet with an interest in re-use and recycling so a lot of my work is created from recycled yarns and fabrics and sometimes whole sections of discarded garments.”

“I have enjoyed seeing crochet as a craft coming back into fashion in recent years and hope that Wool Clip customers will like my slippers and bags as well as the more traditional blankets and scarves.  I am really looking forward to being part of the cooperative, learning from the others in the group and also sharing my ideas and skills with visitors.”

Emma Redfern (42, Hutton Roof) will be bringing her Hole House-branded bags and other woollen creations to The Wool Clip.

“I am a self-taught seamstress and started stitching bags because I couldn't find what I liked in the shops,” she says.  I decided to make practical, but pretty, bags without too much bling and I also run workshops where people can make their own versions of my designs.”

Emma has been working with another Wool Clip member’s woven products for some time.

“I’ve used Jan Beadle’s hand-woven fabrics in several of my bag designs in the past,” says Emma, “and I’m a huge fan of her artisan tweeds.  Joining her as a member of The Wool Clip will give me another outlet for my work and I’m looking forward to meeting customers and getting to know the other members.  There could be other opportunities for collaborations that I don’t even know about yet!”

Ema and Emma’s work is now on display and for sale at The Wool Clip in Priest’s Mill, Caldbeck and the shop is open every day from 11am to 4pm. 

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