Thursday 24th of October 2019

The Wool Clip cooperative has two new members, one a familiar face and one a completely new business.  Julia Neubauer and Chloe Randall both use knitting techniques to create their designs but their work is very different and a great indicator of the variety that’s possible with wool and available from this Cumbrian co-operative.

juliachloe.jpgChloe is based near Shap and is selling her knitted Herdwick ties through The Wool Clip.  “I tried to find a tie like this for a colleague and struggled,” she says. “The Wool Clip shop at Caldbeck was my best chance of finding one and, when I visited and asked, it was clear that they were looking for a source of these too! Another member, Chris Crofts, supplied me with Herdwick wool yarn and I knitted one myself. It’s proved so popular that I’ve sourced packaging, worked on a range of colours and am really pleased to be selling them more widely. People are still surprised that Herdwick yarn is available in rich colours as well as the natural shades so the ties are a good way of raising awareness.”

Julia from Alston was involved in The Wool Clip for several years in the past and has been a regular volunteer at Woolfest during her break from the co-operative. “My work has changed in the three years or so that I’ve been away,” she says, “so it’s nice to be involved again and have my accessories and knitwear back in the Caldbeck shop. I’ve been collaborating with other local artists and designers recently – people like printmaker, Kirsten Gilder and ceramicist, Catriona Archibald - as well as making bigger machine knitted wraps and ponchos. Visitors may recognise my styling but will definitely see a new scale of work.”

Welcoming them both, current Wool Clip Chair, Debbie Lucas said: “As a co-operative, our membership is always going to be fluid and it’s lovely to welcome Julia back and to have Chloe join us too. We’ve always aimed to have a really wide range of crafts and finished products in the shop and both of them are adding something new to our range ahead of peak winter wool shopping.”

Chloe and Julia’s work is now on display and for sale at The Wool Clip in Priest’s Mill, Caldbeck.  The shop is open every day up to New Year 2020 from 11am to 4pm.  Further information, directions and details can be found at

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