Saturday 13th of February 2010

Website launched as shop re-opens

The Wool Clip cooperative is launching its new website to coincide with the re-opening of The Wool Clip shop at Priest's Mill in Caldbeck on Saturday 13 February.

"We have always shut the shop for the first few weeks of the year," explains Linda Chapman, a member of The Wool Clip who has been involved in the re-decoration of the shop during the break. "As well as being the quietest time for visitors, the break also gives us a chance to refresh our stock, do some maintenance on the shop and make sure that we re-open with our displays at their best."

Wool Clip shop

Those displays include everything to do with wool and wool crafts from fleece tops, yarn and spinning equipment to finished goods such as clothing, gifts, accessories and soft furnishings. Members of The Wool Clip are involved in spinning, dyeing, felting, knitting, weaving, crochet and rug making and the stock of the shop reflects these diverse crafts.

"It is a real Aladdin's cavern for anyone with an enthusiasm for wool and wool crafts," agrees Linda.

This year, the early months have been particularly busy for another Wool Clip member, Pam Hall, as she has been working on the content of the new Wool Clip website.

"The Wool Clip has developed and evolved and we wanted to refresh the website and make sure it works well as our online shop window," says Pam.

The new site has been designed by Kendal-based web designers, SCK Webworks and Sally Seed of Stoneleigh Communications at Orton has been involved in putting together the content.

SCK's Dan Broughton explained, "It was an exciting challenge to capture the variety of items that the Wool Clip cooperative produce in a digital form. We tried to ensure that the warmth, colour and texture of the materials were presented in a realistic manner that did justice to the group's work. Visiting the shop in the picturesque village of Caldbeck set our creative minds racing and gave us a rich supply of ideas and imagery to work with."

Pam Hall hopes that the new website will bring people to Caldbeck as well as to The Wool Clip: "We are based in a beautiful but quieter part of Cumbria. We really hope that people will see something online that attracts them to the village and then they'll realise that there is everything here for a great day out - as well as great shopping!"

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