Yarn and materials

Yarn & Materials

We have a huge variety of wool-related materials on sale that will inspire you if you're interested in creating your pieces or starting your own projects.

We specialise in using British and local wool and stock a wide range of yarns from a variety of sheep breeds, as well as mohair. Most of our yarns and threads are exclusive to The Wool Clip and are available as

  • Hand spun and machine spun,
  • Natural shades and hand-dyed colours
  • Balls, hanks and cones
  • A selection of rare- breed British fleece.

We also stock materials that you may have difficulty finding elsewhere: including

  • Hand-made buttons
  • Natural and dyed fleece and tops
  • Assorted yarns and felt scraps
  • Hand-woven fabric.

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Woolfest, celebrate nature's finest fibres

Members of The Wool Clip organise Woolfest
Fri 25th & Sat 26th June 2021
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