Wild Wood Wool Colourway 34

Wild Wood Wool Colourway 34

Brand: Wild Wood Wool (JW)

The following yarns are available, dyed using colourway 34: 

Hazel (K - fine lace-weight) is 50% Suri alpaca/30% ethical merino/20% silk, 100g, 1200m.  

Crab Apple (H - silky lace-weight) is 55% bluefaced leicester/45% silk, 100g, 800m.

Alder (A - soft and strong 4-ply sock yarn) is 100% bluefaced leicester, 100g, 425m.  

Willow (E - sumptuous 4-ply) is 75% bluefaced leicester/25% gotland, 100g, 350m.

Blackthorn (F - British DK) is 75% bluefaced leicester/25% masham, 100g, 240m.