About us

The Wool Clip was established as a co-operative in 2001, aiming to add value to British wool and to celebrate the very best of this sustainable natural fibre. Our membership has changed over the years but we maintain that same focus, using our skills and creativity to make the most of all things wool.

Several members of The Wool Clip co-operative keep sheep. Some are Cumbrian fell breeds, others rare British native breeds. Home could be a traditional Cumbrian hill farm or a village small holding. Some members work from fleece to yarn, spinning and dyeing the wool for a range of uses while others use wool, fibre and fabric to create exclusive and unique wool crafted items.

Some of us do all of this and more!

Wool Clip
Wool Clip Caldbeck Shop
About Wool Clip

Working as a co-operative brings challenges but also great benefits. None of us individually could afford to run a retail outlet — together, we can. None of us individually would have the contacts and networks to campaign for an appreciation of the source and value of wool through events and exhibitions — together, we can.

We’ve also found, over the years, that working within a co-operative gives us ideas and inspiration, sources of materials that we might not have expected and the support of working together rather than alone.