Links, Events and Passions

Each member of The Wool Clip co-operative brings different skills and interests to the group and we often find ways of working together, even using each other’s waste materials in creative ways. We are members of The Campaign for Wool and supporters of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) as well as fundraisers, exhibitors and partners with a range of rural organisations, authors and others who share our passion for all things wool.

The Campaign for Wool
Andrea Meanwell

Some of us run workshops and courses where we share our skills and the dates of these are available via the venues and organisers. Members of The Wool Clip organise Woolfest and you can also find us at sheep, wool and textile craft events across the UK. Occasionally, we organise or contribute to exhibitions at local venues such as Rheged and the Gallery at the Upfront Arts Venue near Hutton-in-the-Forest.