Woolfest was the original British festival of wool and it was established by members of The Wool Clip in 2005. From that start, it developed and grew to celebrate all aspects of natural fibres, particularly wool, from fleece animal to exquisite creations.

Woolfest ran in Cockermouth for 15 years, followed by two years, 2020 and 2021, when it went online during the pandemic. Members of The Wool Clip took the decision not to resume in 2022, finishing with lots of great memories from Woolfests over the years.

Each member of The Wool Clip was involved in the organisation of Woolfest in different ways, from early decisions on stallholder selection, through booking the catering and loos, to doing media interviews, organising volunteers, welcoming visitors and then making sure that the venue was clear on Saturday evening.

We were thrilled to see how it grew, inspired other events and influenced and encouraged so many artisan wool craft workers over the years but, following two online years during lockdown, members of the co-operative decided that it would be difficult to maintain the success and to meet visitors' expectations in future so the decision was taken not to resume the Cockermouth-based event.

You can find out more about Woolfest's history by following the links here. Thank you to everyone who supported us and who made Woolfest the success that it was. We wish all the businesses who took part and all the volunteers who helped all best wishes for the future.