Alice Underwood



Chloe Randall has worked with textiles and yarns since childhood. When she needed to find a tie in Herdwick wool for a colleague and even the Wool Clip couldn’t supply, she set to and crafted one herself. And the process of creating such an iconic but every-day object was so rewarding that she couldn’t stop at one….

Christine Croft’s lovely Herdwick yarns quickly became the yarn of choice with a definite preference for the four natural shades - but who can resist the lovely colours Christine produces, as they are so evocative of our Lake District landscape? Your first tie should be a natural shade, but after that….

Chloe says: “Knitting with this wonderful wool to produce an item which is both practical and beautiful is something I truly enjoy. I really feel my ties have as much character as the sheep from which they come.”

Find out more - and how to tie the Westmorland Knot! - at HerdwickyTIE: