Susanna Smith


Susanna Smith

For me finding the WoolClip has been the answer for leaving London behind this year and immersing myself in all things Cumbrian.

I’ve always loved textiles and anything hand made from any yarn. At the moment I’m experimenting with crochet using the wonderful iconic Herdwick wool . I love the texture and smell of this fabulous wool.

In addition, I’ve been explored different yarns for knitted necklaces - lamb's wool, angora, silk, cashmere, and alpaca.

My original passion as a child was hand embroidery and with the marvellous silk and wool yarns I can find from my WoolClip associates I am having a go at embellishing prints for framing.

Yarn is a fantastic medium with which to have great fun and experiment. It’s versatile, robust, textured, and expressive. It gives me great pleasure to work with such a rich material and with such talented dedicated people who love textiles as much as I do.

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