Tracey Todhunter


Tracey Todhunter

Tracey Todhunter is a knitwear designer and freelance writer, she joined the Wool Clip in April 2021. Designing professionally for more than 10 years, she specialises in small accessories suitable for men, women and children. Many of her designs use simple stitches to create texture and flattering details in patterns that are suitable for beginners.

Tracey’s love of wool began in her childhood and today she is known for championing British wool and natural fibres in her books and in her published designs.


Tracey has contributed to most of the UK’s craft publications (Including Let’s Knit, Knitting and Inside Crochet) and is the author / contributor of several knitting and crochet books. She has also collaborated with yarn stores and wool companies to produce exclusive designs and collections which celebrate natural fibres. She also teaches crochet workshops throughout the North West and in Cumbria.


Tracey spends much of her time outdoors, enjoying the landscape around her. She lives in the Eden Valley, Cumbria where the wild and rugged fells often inspire her designs. This is reflected in her love of practical but stylish accessories she can stuff in a rucksack or pocket!

You can find Tracey on social media, she regularly posts updates on Instagram or her website. Contact her directly to discuss commissions or to book workshops.


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Instagram: @GrannyCoolCrochet / @GrannyCoolShop